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James Emmett & Company along with Infrastructure for the People  bring you this innovative project that will help the tolling industry access the most loyal & dependable workforce on the planet – people with autism and other disabilities.

Bridge to Inclusion will initially focus on two core positions within the tolling industry:

Image Reviewers

People with autism bring the visual acuity, attention to detail, and accuracy skills to this role

Call Center Agents

People with disabilities bring the positive attitude, social structure, and detail orientation necessary for this role

Major Objective

To help thousands of people with autism and similar disabilities obtain career-oriented employment in the tolling industry. Bridge to Inclusion will be a cohort of companies that are primarily involved in back-of-the-house tolling operations. We will look to launch the cohort in the beginning of 2021 with 3 to 5 initial companies and the goal of helping 50 to 100 job seekers with disabilities to obtain employment in those companies by the end of 2021 – totaling 200 to 500 total jobs in the first year.

Initial Focus

To help companies hire call-center agents and image reviewers. We will build in-depth knowledge of both positions and even potentially look to build job training efforts for individuals who are interested. Our first year will focus on the United States but eventually we will look to expand bridge to inclusion globally.

What We Do

Once a company joins the cohort, we will help them build their autism and disability inclusion initiative in five major areas:



Create a sustainable pipeline of candidates with autism and disabilities



Build natural support strategies that help each candidate with a disability thrive in their new job



Create both internal and external messaging that help the company to communicate the goals of their disability initiative 



Complete disability and autism awareness training of leadership and team members throughout the company and eventually build this training into their alerts management systems


Business Case

Help each company develop a system to monitor business case which includes reduction in turnover and increase in external incentives

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