Is your organization looking to develop, restructure and redefine your employment services to meet the specific needs of businesses?  

  Our unique strategy helps your organization highlight opportunities.
JEC redefines your business practice to reach the highest goals. 

  ​What JEC can do for Community Organizations:

    Build and develop stronger partnerships both locally and nationally

    Form and collaborate partnerships with large & small businesses

    Design and create the necessary tools to promote career development and employment of individuals with disabilities

    Develop a business portfolio to increase expansion and meet the needs of the individuals your organization serves

    Train and mentor staff in the field of business and corporate development

    Restructure your employment services to meet the needs of businesses

    Assist in providing state-of-the-art services to meet the needs of the growing population of job seekers with disabilities

    Look at ways to aggressively recruit employees with disabilities and produce long-lasting business partnerships