New Economy


JECs’ Hands-On approach in a new Hands-Off society.

Current and Future Contracts with JEC

The purpose of this enhancement is to proactively lead companies to hiring people with disabilities at scale in the New Economy. Let us help your company utilize all opportunities to maximize income and productivity.

This plan offers 3 main areas:

  • Employer Dollar Incentives
  • Employer Proactive Information
  • New Economy Growth
Employer Dollar Incentives

Let our staff guide your business to maximize benefits of these programs.

Please contact us for your incentive questions.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Employer Proactive Information

Let JEC help you develop a plan tailored to your company needs.


Discover New Opportunities


Promote Company Growth


Customized 6-month Timeline

Development Team


  • James Emmett
    • CEO-Lead Contract Developer
  • Bill Emmett
    • Contract Developer
  • Jon Stoops
    • Contract Developer
Let Us Help

During the COVID-19 isolation, here at JEC, we are working hard to strengthen our team and to enhance your experience with us.

Do you have a career opening?
Are you looking for a work opportunity?
Promote your employment success story!

Contact Our Registered Nurse

Contact Specialist for hands-on approach in new hands-off society in the workplace


JEC appreciates everyone putting people with disabilities needs’ first!

We wish the best to everyone affected by this pandemic!

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