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December 1, 2021

James Emmett and Company: Who we are!

James Emmett and Company (JEC) is the solution to the most talked about business problem today…labor solutions.  We are the experts at accessing untapped labor markets, primarily drawing from those with disabilities and other employment barriers.  At JEC we help funnel those that have the skills (or the potential to develop them) that you need. From our years of experience, we know long term it will lower turnover and increase retention. 

    Here at JEC, we have an experienced disability inclusion team ready to work with you: 

    • We are an international team of experts who have designed and/or worked in the most successful disability inclusive organizations in the US and beyond.   
    • Our team has been developing successful strategies and tactics to open the doors to the talents and skills of people with disabilities for over 15 years.   
    • Each of our leaders has personally overseen hundreds of small to mid-sized to large companies as they have embarked on a journey of disability inclusion and profitability. 
    • We have the ability to guide each candidate through the application process and support them once they are on board with each company. 
    • JEC makes decisions based on creating a long-lasting relationship with you, our candidates, and the community. 

      WHAT WE DO: 

      JEC helps businesses develop long-term strategies, systems, processes, tools, and support that creates a disability-inclusive workplace by:

      • Help source candidates who would be a good fit for the companies, and help those employees create long lasting careers. 
      • Assist businesses in leveraging all avenues to recruit people with disabilities and other employment barriers.  
      • Care about each candidate and want them to feel comfortable in their new work space.   
      • Learn about the culture of your organization so we can train and mentor managers in inclusive techniques to support high caliber performance in a diverse workforce.  
      • We first develop, and then handoff an alternate workforce pipeline to meet businesses’ growing demand for reliable and productive labor. 
      • Offer better recruiting systems and tools, lower employee turnover, and assist in obtaining every opportunity for return on investment.  
      • Help create and maintain supports including reasonable accommodations to worksites that can help not just our candidates, but all employees.   
      • Open new markets with improved employee and customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.   
      • In a time when most companies are struggling to fill currently open positions, we are genuinely interested in growing your business  

          Let us help you!

          Whether you’re a job seeker looking for a career or a business looking to develop long-term disability inclusion strategies, we are here to help and we will be there every step of the way.

          If you are a job seeker, click here to see our open positions and to connect with one of our Embedded Specialists. If you are a business click here to connect with one of our experts.

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