Watch Out: How this hot labor solution is taking over and what your business should do about it.

June 24, 2022

What’s hot?

As the temperature rises with Summer’s arrival, we are seeing our customers’ needs for labor getting hot too!

Advanced Auto Parts, one of JEC’s longest standing customer relationships, saw JEC as a solution to the growing labor needs.  Starting a year and a half ago, with a few Distribution Centers and Retail Markets, we grew carefully. In the Atlanta market alone, with seven stores, the District Manager was pleased with JEC’s sourcing results and became a natural champion. We have recently celebrated our 53rd hire in that market and have now expanded to all stores in the Northern Georgia districts.

How is JEC keeping up with the heat?

We typically find good, quality candidates for the DC Associate or Retail Salesperson roles, as they are entry level and of the highest need, but recently moved to finding candidates for higher level positions. Actively finding good candidates for all skill levels; satisfying our customer’s labor needs on all fronts.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report estimating that real gross domestic product, or GDP, will grow 3.1% in 2022, driven by consumer spending and demand for services.   Yet, consistent reports of a labor crisis dominate headlines as business continues to look for nontraditional sources of labor.  As we enter the summer solstice, the demand for JEC to help employers find relief from their hottest problem: high consumer demand with low availability of workers continues to rise.

To rise to this challenge, we created an online job board to promote our customers’ open positions. And boy is it HEATING UP!   With our unique sourcing methods, in just six months, JEC has had just under 300 applicants, 200 hires, and 89% retention rate. Now that’s hot! JEC’s innovation, in disability inclusion, ensures that our customers get the results they deserve.

What’s next?

As we turn to summer – we know baseball is heating up and football is not far away. The JEC Sports Division has been focusing on becoming the premier disability inclusion entity in sports. We were the first entity to create a holistic approach (4 E’s) to disability inclusion for professional sports teams. We’ve been implementing disability inclusion programs helping teams generate ROI for the community, players, the back office, and the stadium! Our 4E approach also enables fans with disabilities connect with teams and become lifelong fans:

  • Engagement: Helping the teams become deeply engaged with all disability organizations in their market
  • Education: Training the gameday & full-time staff of each team and creating an ongoing disability inclusion training plan
  • Experience: Developing a fan toolkit that supports all fans with disabilities to not just attend the game but gain the full experience of every game
  • Employment: Building a systematic process to source, screen, hire, train, and promote both gameday & full-time staff

JEC is the hottest commodity because we serve our customers in a variety of ways to ensure they capture the benefits that come with inclusion.  If your business needs help finding productive capable employees, JEC has the solutions.



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