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JEC assists staffing companies to establish relationships with area disability employment vendors and to build the internal capacity to recruit from an untapped pool of talent.

We can direct staffing companies to the answers to those questions by embeding an employment specialist in your agency (and down the road, potentially your bigger clients).  These specialists create an alternative workforce for you and your clients by recruiting people with disabilities and other employment barriers. Our specialists source and support candidates and the beauty here is it does not take away any of your profit margin, as our profit margin is based on: a return of the tax credits generated, on-the-job training dollars and ticket-to-work incentives.  

We help increase sourcing options while decreasing turnover for your clients, all while not effecting your profit margin.


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Empowering Successful Business Strategies Through Disability Inclusion​

In the competitiveness of talent acquisition, hiring people with disabilities is a viable source for businesses to tap into one of the last available pool of qualified workers. Every year the number of corporations developing strategies to hire people with disabilities to meet their demand for workers has grown.  Where such a strategy was once viewed as an act of charity, it is now a valued resource with a huge return on investment for those corporations. Those implementing disability hiring strategies are gaining competitive advantage over, not only their direct competition but also, the competition for qualified workers in general.


 Using the partnership of staffing industry networks, JEC can assist in the process of developing resources for those networks and implement sustainability strategies to guide staffing companies toward a culture of sourcing and supporting people with disabilities to fill their client’s demand for workers.

Together, we can introduce and implement hiring people with disabilities as a critical resource for the clients you serve!


Why Choose Us

We Are The Experts

Here at JEC we have an experienced disability inclusion team ready to work with you.

Long Lasting Relationships

We make decisions based on creating a long lasting relationship with you and to serve your business needs.

Everything You Need

With our strategy we have everything you need to create a business and culture that hires people with disabilities. 

Local & Remote

We have a team of consultants available no matter where your located.

Peace of Mind

Know that you have a team of experts that care about your business needs and are working hard for you.

Custom Consulting

No matter what your needs are we have the solutions.


If you are looking for a highly qualified professional in the areas of human resources and developing an untapped employment force, I would recommend that you contact James Emmett. In the ten years that I have know James he has exhibited creative thinking and excellent problem solving to address both employers needs and persons with disabilities employment opportunities. James has knowledge and skills in the fields of; autism, vocational rehabilitation, human resources, behavior management, and organizational systems. I give James a very high professional recommendation.

Stephen Lydon-Consultant

"It has been a pleasure to work with James in the development of HR Connect the past year and a half. He is constantly on the move from one component of the project to another, and his dedication to developing corporate opportunities for individuals with disabilities is becoming a national model for professionals in the integrated employment field. James' has an uncanny ability to work with CEOs at international corporations, Human Resource professionals at all levels, job coaches, and job seekers. He is a talented consultant, trainer, speaker, and marketer of diversity in the workplace and a value to all who work with him"

Jessica Quintanilla

“I have worked with James for over a year establishing APSE HR Connect - an organization working with business to establish infrastructure and training on disability recruitment and hiring. James is extremely knowledgeable and is visionary in his work with corporate structures. James is energetic and passionate about his work."

Laura Owens


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